5 Best Resources for Content Ideas in 2020

Like said, Content has always been a king when it comes to engage with the audience or promote a brand. But, a few of you may find it hard to get content ideas for your blog/Social media post.

We have written this article to help you by giving you a solution on where and how you could get content ideas for writing.

It is 2020 and digital marketing is playing a huge role in today’s business world.

Great content gives you a good number of audiences to follow you on. 

Let's have a look at the list of resources for content ideas:

Instagram and Facebook, the two giants in the social media world. Every morning, I wake up at 6 AM and straight-up after some time logs into Instagram and Facebook to check on the posts. Likewise, everyone when attached to a mobile device always scrolls down the news-feed of these two giants.

It is clear to say that these two platforms are way above any other applications in today’s world. 

Every day about 700 million posts are uploaded to these platforms and you can find a whole lot amount of content ideas from this. Even I look for content ideas on Instagram more than any application.

Find Ideas from our Instagram & Facebook profiles.

Quora, a socially engaged network where anyone can ask/post a question and anyone can answer it. It consists of various topics thus acquiring a very diverse group of audience.

It is a very good resource for content ideas on literally anything. For example, if you search for “Digital Marketing” this is how it appears.

Quora for content ideas

Yes! You heard it right. To get some blog post ideas, you have to surf the web on related blogs.

Here are some of the blogs for Digital marketing post ideas:

Search Engine land

Pinterest is known as a visual discovery network which tons of ideas are been visually represented.

There are billions of pins in the Pinterest and you will always end up with a spark of ideas.

Visit our Pinterest profile to find some ideas.


YouTube, where you can find millions of content creators with their unique video style and ideas.

YouTube has always been the one and only top platform for online video sharing experience. YouTube has been a great source for content creators to share videos and concepts of their ideas to its audience. You could easily navigate to the search section and search for what you want.

The best and most useful video will appear which you could use for your references.

When practicing my skills in Digital marketing, I used to watch certain YouTube channels to learn. For example, Neil Patel, Sorav Jain, Wp Beginner.

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YouTube content ideas

Do you more resources to get content ideas? Then, leave us a comment and let us gain knowledge from you.

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