Google Hates Usage of These 5 SEO Techniques

Many are very curious to earn money online through blogging and to get their website in the top for better search results. But what they forget is that, Google hates few things that we do not in the correct way to boost our online visibility. What we miss is to read about the Google algorithm updates.

Here are 5 things that google hates to be done to your website:

Fresh content is always welcomed by Google. If you happen to copy down the content from your competitors or similar website, then that would be a trouble for you.

Google hates duplicate content. If your website is new and is copied, google wont be wasting time for the same content! It looks for originality.To make your website improve for organic search, you should go for original content.

Do it and see your webpage growing! Tools to check duplicate content: Copyscape, Siteliner.

Would you read a article or feel it to be understanding & useful if the main keywords are repeated frequently?

No reader would be impressed by such article and the same goes for Google. Google algorithm is designed in a way to crawl keywords and give the best article for the readers when searched. But it also recognizes an article if its stuffed with a lot of keywords.

Use the keywords and its related meanings to fill in you article. By doing so, your site would prove to be fruitful to the readers.

People are always in a hurry even though we are having good internet services in today’s world.

Just question yourself for this. Would you go after a website that takes too long to load? Its an obvious NO! And Google would not recommend such sites to its users and that would definitely affect your organic SEO results.

We recommend that a site should be least take 3-6 seconds for loading. Its your website is slow, obviously your organic traffic will be low, bounce rate will be high and its will affect SERP results.

Use tools like Google pagespeed, GTmetrix or Pingdom to test your website speed and improve them.

Page speed

This is worst! SEO is best when done by organic methods. You are breaking the Google search engine algorithm rules and you could watch your site taken down by Google soon.

Paid links/Buying links are not the best ways to draw traffic and you should not follow that. Yes! Link building is hard but we suggest you to use Link building tools to learn and implement it.

Interlinking is one of the most essential and powerful link building strategy in SEO but likewise it is harmful is done more than usual. You can use 2-4 interlinks normally.

Interlinking is a way to create a link within your webpage making users/readers to engage with the content more longer. But if you tend to use more interlinks than usual, it may affect the quality of content and the reading accessibility. This is make your site go down in organic search results!

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