The 5 Most Popular Search Engines in the World

Do you want to know what are the other popular search engines in the world other than Google? Then, this article is for you.

We have analyzed and listed down the 5 top most popular search engines used by users in today’s world. 

A search engine is a highly designed software used to carry out web searches by the users. It has been in use since the early 1990s and you will be surprised to know that there is more than 15  search engine in today’s world but only a few are used widely.

5 search engines

Take a look at the listed search engines below:


The most popular and biggest, almost everyone in the world would have known about Google. On average, 5.8 billion searches are made per day on Google. Google has all the kinds of information a user looks for and thus has become a giant in the tech world.

According to the latest analysis, Google is the most used browser worldwide as of 2020 with 91% of the population using it over any other browsers.


  • Covers almost all the information in the world.
  • Incognito tabs.
  • Accurate data.
  • Speed and reliability.
  • Chrome Extensions.
Google users
Microsoft bing

Bing was actually launched in 2009 and has been one of the oldest browsers going by the name of Microsoft, Livesearch, etc., But, now in 2020, it has been renamed as Microsoft Bing.

Bing also has a good number of users in countries like China, the United States, and Japan as some may prefer google to bing.

It was actually made as a competition for Google by Microsoft. But Google emerges to be way ahead leading than bing. 


  • Images are high in quality than Google.
  • Greater video search results.
  • Bing rewards.
  • Easy Social Media Integration.
  • Simple overall look.

Yahoo – Once the most popular and largest email provider and an online directory list.

It has been the default search engine for firefox since 2014 in the United States and it is sad to see that the web search results have dropped 5.2% since 2016.

It is the 3rd most used search engine in the world.


  • Accessibility
  • You can have multiple Yahoo address.
  • Large files can be attached in the mail.

The Biggest search engine in China. As we know the Chinese prefer china products when compared to other countries one and in this, it is the same.

Although Google is used worldwide, Chinese people prefer Baidu and uses it as their default search engine. Baidu connects millions of Chinese businesses with the people.

Even though Baidu is available worldwide, it is only available in the Chinese language making it only to those who knew Chinese.


  • It has a 96% penetration rate.
  • Great visibility in China.
  • Only charge for an ad if clicked.

Russia’s core search engine, Yandex is the default and most used search engine in Russia. ranks on the top 30 websites o internet based on popularity and usage.

Over 94% of monthly internet users in Russia are users of


  • Best for Russian language searches.
  • More popular in Russia on Android devices.
  • is better on spam protection.

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